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The Happiness and Wellness Workshops & Retreats Tailored Approach to:


These retreats are offered throughout the year to all Yoga for Mental Health & Happiness clients/health seekers who have completed the Yoga for Mental Health & Happiness program to support the ongoing practice of calming the distracting chatters of the mind and keep cultivating a clear and peaceful mind, which supports good health.


Tailored workshops can be developed to meet your specific individual, group or corporate needs or goals. Workshops may occur on a one-time basis or as part of a series package to best suit your needs.


Tailored wellness retreats to create balance, connection, inspiration, re-energize and/or ground can be developed to meet your specific individual, group or corporate needs.

From time to time Happiness & Wellness Therapy will offer pop-up work Wellness Retreats. These will be posted when available.



Many health care insurance plans provide reimbursement for the cost of my services as a Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist. If you have access to extended health benefits, please do check with your insurance plan to see whether it covers my services.
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Please contact us for specific rates. Sliding scales available.

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