Happiness & Wellness Therapy

The Happiness & Wellness Approach

The H&W Philosophy

Happiness & Wellness Therapy views each person as essentially whole and recognizes the importance of giving consideration to all the levels that exist within us and around us during the healing process, which includes the interdependence between the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, behavioural, physical, familial, social, environmental, systems and universal aspects of our lives. Therefore, it provides a holistic and tailored approach to mental health and well-being that respects your uniqueness while also keeping in mind the interconnectedness of all that exists — including the interwoven barriers inherent in our life's journey.

Happiness & Wellness Therapy recognizes that multiple psychological theories and techniques that are based on modern science and ancient wisdom from different cultures, are equally important in supporting your healing process. Therefore, each service is personalized and integrates practical tools, modern psychological theories and ancient wisdom to help you connect with your inner wisdom, resources and strengths within a cross-cultural manner. This compassionate process facilitates a sense of peace, balance, clarity, and happiness with the essence of who you are, and with the world around you.

Happiness & Wellness Therapy provides
services in English, Français and Spanish.

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